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Tripoli, Libya

1st of September St.
No 262, 2nd Floor.

Tel: +218 21 444 36 25
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Busines Development - Consultancy - Accounting - Tax - Audit - Risk Assurance - Training Services



In todays business environment protecting the assets, reputation and future success are priorities for boards across all industry sectors. By successfully balancing risk and control, organizations can significantly enhance the value delivered to stakeholders.

There is currently no uniformity amongst service providers as to the scope of services they provide, or even a collective name for such services provided. Risk Assurance services may be known as Business Risk Services, Enterprise Risk Management or simply Risk Assurance.
At CAF, the term risk assurance covers several areas, including:

   • Corporate governance.
   • Internal audit and quality management.
   • Regulatory consulting.
   • IT consulting.
   • Risk management consulting.

As these services are best provided by experienced specialists, CAF has these experienced specialists who can provide our clients with a full range of Assurance services.

Our internal audit team is greatly experienced in both the public and private sectors and have developed a risk-based approach to internal audit. We can review your internal audit function, assess its effectiveness and refine it to suit your business needs.

You can choose the level of input you need from us; we can work at a consultancy level, or alongside your in-house team.

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