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Our Independent consultants work with clients on a broad range of issues encompassing strategic, operational and administrative advice and support. Their previous experience gives them an edge in really understanding market developments and what it takes for firms to respond to protect their market position.

Our consulting service is focused around four key areas money, people, operational efficiency and risk management. We are hands on and will differentiate ourselves from our competitors by working alongside your existing team. Most of our consultants have held senior positions in the oil industry or the public sector and we have built our consulting service to deliver a high quality, customer focused service that contributes to the return on investment of the company.

With their local and international experience, our consultants are committed to helping organizations improve their performance through people, processes and technology.

We can help in the following areas:

   • Efficiency
Generating the best possible output from your organization requires efficient
management systems and a robust performance management process that is focused
on delivering high quality outputs at the lowest possible cost.
Our approach is hands on. We work with our clients to understand the operational
drivers to the business and use tried and tested consultancy techniques and tools to
help extract maximum quality through highly efficient processes. We are practical
people and we provide solutions that work for our clients particular circumstances, not
from a text book.

   • Organizational Development and Human Resources Management
In the current environment, all organizations are facing significant challenges. Two of
the most significant factors that will determine the extent to which you are successful in meeting your objectives are the management of people and the approach taken to
developing the performance of your organization.

CAF can help your HR management and support you through any organizational change.
Our consultants are experienced HR managers who have worked in a variety of sectors
and industries. They take a practical hands on approach to resolving and improving
operational problems regarding HR departments and the implementation of policies and
procedures. We aim to make a tangible difference to the performance of your
organization and the delivery of your objectives.

   • Finance
All organizations, whatever sector they operate in, face pressure on resources. The
finance function is a vital part of any successful organization and the best organizations
have a finance team who work closely with operational managers to support the
delivery of efficient processes, whilst supporting the strategic development of the
organization so that it meets its long term goals.

CAF has an experienced team of Financial Consultants who work with clients in different
sectors of industry and public management. These Consultants not only have the
professional qualifications that you would expect, but also an appreciation of
operational challenges and objectives. They are also skilled at translating complex
financial messages into a more simplistic language that other non-finance staff can
We will work with you to resolve your problems, rather than simply diagnose what is

   • Strategy Formulation
At virtually every stage of a business, owners face challenges and changes: Expansion
into a new market; Integrating an acquisition; Restructuring; Selling part of the business;
Adapting to a major new competitor; Adjusting to new technologies; and Planning for retirement.

When we collaborate with our clients, CAF provides an objective perspective to identify
issues, analyze problems and recommend actions. We also provide hands-on support as
needed to assist in implementation and the measurement of progress and results. We
offer the following services to help your management teams resolve challenges, deal
with change and achieve your vision:

      - Strategic planning
      - Feasibility studies
      - Business planning
      - Operational planning
      - Financial projections
      - Cost-benefit analyses and economic impact assessments
      - Operational Audits

   • Valuation
The use of business valuations is an integral part of corporate decision making in todays
complex business environment. There are many reasons why one needs a valuation,
from regulatory purposes to succession planning. Whether you are experiencing a
significant business or personal transition or making a vital financial decision, you can be
confident that CAF will provide you with a valuation that is objective, credible and
Our team of chartered accountants is respected for its professional abilities and
knowledge of current statutes and court decisions. Business owners, lawyers and
lenders are assured of receiving clear, concise, well-supported valuation reports and
opinions for their business.










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