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Increased pressure on the need for reliable financial information has put the spotlight on Audit and Assurance services. CAF understands the true value that thorough and objective Audit and Assurance services can bring to a company. Or can help the company meet their budgets and final accounts.

CAFs approach to audit requires rigorous standards of professional competence, independence and objectivity that clients rightly demand, yet CAF still recognizes that the auditor is uniquely placed to make a constructive contribution in supporting the client's business.

The CAF Audit Methodology blends technical competencies with a detailed knowledge of the clients business, its markets and the industry sector. Using this methodology CAF offers a tailored audit approach with a strong emphasis on early financial planning and reporting, the contribution towards transparency and efficiency of the business. This enables our firm to identify key audit components and tailor the procedures to the unique aspects, size and nature of your business.

The CAF audit approach, which complies with international auditing standards, involves:

   • Obtaining an understanding of the clients business from both an accounting and business perspective.
   • Assessing the risk of data misrepresentation in the financial statements and putting the controls in place to prevent these risks.
   • Selecting appropriate analytical and substantial audit procedures to obtain evidence material.
   • Conducting formalized review procedures to ensure that the chosen procedures are carried out and that the correct conclusions are drawn out.
   • Forming an opinion and reporting in accordance with the applicable laws and standards.
   • Communicating with management on an ongoing basis throughout the audit.

The benefit to you as the client is an effective, cost efficient, independent audit, performed in a timely manner by experienced professionals.

When the audit report is delivered, the client and its shareholders can be confident that the report objectively and independently comments on the financial records and information systems employed. Wherever appropriate, our firm will also provide management with imaginative and pragmatic advice that adds value to the business assurance requirement.

The CAF Audit Methodology is in compliance with the International Standards on Auditing (ISAs) and is regularly updated for new technical pronouncements and efficiency changes in best practices. This methodology is supported by other global policies relating to:

   • Work Ethics and Business Independence
   • Quality Assurance and risk containment
   • Training and Continuing Professional Education.


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